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Chinese Feng Shui Coins Chain Red String Lucky Gift New Good Luck Coins

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  • 1 Piece 9 large coins---each coin diameter 2.4cm---total length including string 31cm
  • 2 Pieces 7 small coins---each coin diameter 1.2cm---total length including string 22cm
  • 2 Pieces 3 large coins---each coin diameter 2.4cm---3 coins in triangle diameter 3.9cm


• Improve your luck, good fortune and Feng Shui with this CHINESE FORTUNE COINS with lucky red strings.

• Each coin has lucky symbols on one side and lucky Chinese characters on the other.

• Lucky fortune coins are used extensively in many Feng Shui cures and practices throughout Asia and the world!


Condition: Brand New

Material: Brass, red strings

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