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Bamboo Detachable Net Mesh Cover Basket Picnic Serving Food Anti Insect Dust

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Bamboo Basket with Detachable Mesh Cover

Sizes and styles to choose from drop box above (Please refer to the product photos for detailed dimensions):
  • S L30*H18cm
  • M L35*H21cm
  • L L41*H24cm
  • S L28*H14cm
  • M L33*H16cm
  • L L38*H19cm
  • Square Set (S+M+L)
  • Round Set (S+M+L)
  • S2 L30*H18cm
  • M2 L35*H21cm
  • L2 L41*H24cm
  • Round2 Set (S+M+L)

                        For food storage, fruits, keep out flies and other insects or drying food

                        Good decoration for your kitchen and dinning table 

                        Good and handy for picnic  

                        Bamboo is a green material and environmentally friendly. It helps saving trees and protecting environment

                        Bamboo is good for health, cool in summer, warm in winter. It absorbs carbon dioxide, make air clean 

                        Product is strong and durable. 

                        Easy to carry, fold and store. Good gift for your family and friends!

                        Spend $1 on our bamboo products, you may save a tree!!!
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