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2 x Natural Peach Wood Comb Anti Static Close Teeth Hair Massage Healthy Comb

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Peach wood antistatic healthy wooden comb

Please select the sizes from the drop box above:

(Sculpture pattern will be selected randomly, please send us a message if you have any preference)

Sizes available:
  • Long (18cm L * 5.5cm W)
  • Short (13cm L* 5cm W)
  • Pattern Carved (18cm L * 5.5cm W)
Package:2x combs 
Pattern carved combs will be sent out randomly

wooden comb is made of the best peach wood, and is traditionally handcrafted.
polished smooth. Durable, fashionable and also gentle to your hair.This finely made wooden comb has many benefits
.No damage the hair,No scratch the scalp
.No static electricity ,Promote blood circulation
.Massage your scalp and prevent hair loss
  • Brand New.
  • Material:Peach Wood
  • Style: Close teeth    
  • Package:2x combs

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