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500g Bamboo Shoots Dry Wild Natural Pure Winter Shoots 笋干干货 冬笋尖 黄山竹笋干 野生天然

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Get rid of junk food and be healthier!!! Every year, millions and millions of new food products are made that are harmful to the human body, try something natural and traditional that your body will thank you for later. 

Our bamboo shoots are packaged and shipped direct from the hands of the farmers from the mountain, pure, natural, pollution free, no additives.  Made and dried the old traditional way, our dried bamboo shoots are sweet and good tasting.  

Contents: 500g per package . dried food

Cooking instructions:

Put into water for 16-24 hours (change water one time) 

The dry shoots will become fresh

  • Bamboo is a green material and environmental friendly. It help saving trees and protecting environment
  • Bamboo is good for health, cool in summer, warm in winter. It absorb carbon dioxide, make air clean
Spend $1 on bamboo products, you may save a tree!!!


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