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Baby Kids Bamboo Car Seat Carriage Rug Both Sides Natural 竹席 儿童汽车安全座椅和推车 两面席

Baby Kids Bamboo Car Seat Carriage Rug Both Sides Natural 竹席 儿童汽车安全座椅和推车 两面席

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Dimension: 75cm x 30cm  (standard baby/kid car seat, carriage size)


Get ready for this hot summer? Like to keep your baby comfortable and cool away from hot air? Especially inside the hot car?

  • Both sides---one side with bamboo for hot weather and the other size with cane&grass to keep slightly warm. All natural material
  • Specially designed for the baby/kids car seat and baby carriage, allow seat/safe belts through. Also with lines to attach and fasten to the seat.
  • High quality, made from premium bamboo. a real good for your baby's health
  • The products are very strong and durable.
  • Easy to carry, fold and store
  • Baby carriage, car seat use
  • Bamboo is a green material and environmental friendly. It help saving trees and protecting environment
  • Bamboo is good for health, cool in summer, warm in winter. It absorb carbon dioxide, make air clean
  • Product is strong, life can last more than 10 years with good care 
  • Easy to carry, fold and store. Good gift to your friends!
  • Product is brand new, wipe clean with a wet cloth before first use for a better user experience.


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