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BAMBOO SERVING TRAY Tea Coffee Table Fruit container tea tray Gift Present New EVT03

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BAMBOO SERVING TRAY Tea Coffee Table Fruit container tea tray Gift Present New EVT03

Use this Bamboo Serving tray as the ideal serving solution! Add this item to your home and join the Bamboo Craze!

This versatile bamboo serving tray is specially designed with raised edges to prevent spillage of your favorite food and drink! Lightweight it is easy to hold and easy to clean. can be used anywhere at homes, cafes or hotels. Bamboo is an extremely renewable natural timber so not only is the bamboo incredibly hard and moisture resistant it is sustainable and comes in a beautiful timber color. Serving with this tray will put you at ease.

Easy to hold and clean

Material-Solid bamboo


Round 25cm Diameter x 2cm Depth

Round 30cm Diameter x 2cm Depth

Square 20cm*20cm*2cm

Square 25cm*25cm*2cm

Square 30cm*30cm*2cm

Narrow 30cm*13cm*2cm

Narrow 36cm*15cm*2cm

Rectangle 25cm*14cm*2cm

Rectangle 30cm*20cm*2cm

Rectangle 36cm*24cm*2cm

Specially designed raised edges prevent spillage
Modern, Elegant and very durable
Made from solid bamboo
Best used to serve drinks such as coffee and teas and the food of your choice.

    • Bamboo is a green material and environmentally friendly. It helps saving trees and protecting environment
    • Bamboo is good for health, cool in summer, warm in winter. It absorb carbon dioxide, make air clean
    • Bamboo is light, firm and strong
    • Easy to carry and store. Good gift to your friends!
  • Product is brand new, wipe clean with a wet cloth before first use for a better user experience.

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