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Bamboo Wooden Case With Door Kitchen Storage Elegant Antique Style 楠竹仿古柜子储物柜

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Bamboo Wooden Case With Door Kitchen Storage Elegant Antique Style

Material: bamboo

2 styles in 2 sizes(please check detailed dimensions including between each tiers through product photos)


  • 3 Tiers 60 x 38 x 88cm
  • 4 Tiers 60 x 38 x 118cm
Function: Kitchen storage, book case, decoration and other items, small plants, pots, multiple functional uses. Beautify your home.


  • 100% natural bamboo
  • Easy assembly
  • Firm and durable
  • Capacity up to 150kg
  • contemporary style, beautiful and elegant

      Bamboo is a green material and environmental friendly. It help saving trees and protecting environment
    • Bamboo is good for health, cool in summer, warm in winter. It absorb carbon dioxide, make air clean 
    • Product is strong and durable 
    • Easy to carry and store. Good gift for your friends!
    • Product is brand new, wipe clean with a wet cloth before first use for a better user experience.

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