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Free-Size Bamboo Fiber Ladies sleepwear Pajamas Dress soft comfortable 女士竹纤维睡袍

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Name: bamboo fiber sleepwear for ladies
Material: bamboo fiber, cool in summer, warm in winter!
Size: Free size extra large suits all ^_^
Color: Pink, green, purple and grey

  • 100% bamboo fiber, stylish and beautiful
  • natural bamboo fiber,suits all kinds of skin
  • smooth, soft and flexible, super comfortable, help you to have a nice sleep^_^
  • breathe freely
  • inhibits the growth of bacteria 
  • Bamboo fibers are 10 times softer than cotton, cool in summer and warm in winter, very natural and healthy
  • Styles are also Suitable for outdoor 
 Bamboo is a green material and environmentally friendly. It helps saving trees and protecting environment
  • Bamboo is good for health, cool in summer, warm in winter. It absorbs carbon dioxide, makes the air clean 
  • Product is strong, life can last more than 15 years
  • Easy to carry, fold and store. Good gift for your friends!
  • Product is brand new,wash before first use for a better user experience.

  •      Spend $1 on our bamboo products, you may save a tree!!!

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