Hand-woven crafts luxury bamboo shopping bag fashion classic elegant unique竹手工编包

Hand-woven crafts luxury bamboo shopping bag fashion classic elegant unique竹手工编包

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PLEASE NOTE: 100% HANDMADE PRODUCT, TO ENSURE THE QUALITY OF THE PRODUCT, THIS PRODUCT MAY TAKE UP TO 15 WORKING DAYS FOR DELIVERY AND IT IS COVERED BY 15 WORKING DAYS DELIVERY GUARANTEE. The postage fee will be refunded if you can't receive your product within 15 working days from date of your purchase

Name: bamboo handbag
Material: bamboo
  1. Classic brown
  2. Lady's art
  3. Japanese style
Classic Brown:
30 L*14 W X*24H (cm) - Exclude hand
30 L*14 W* 38H (cm) - Include hand
Lady's art:
29 L*15 W X*24H (cm) - Exclude hand
29 L*15 W* 39H (cm) - Include hand
Japanese style:
24 L*12 W X*15H (cm) - Exclude hand
24 L*12 W* 29H (cm) - Include hand
Function: Hand bag, shopping bag, strong, elegant, unique.  
  • 100% Handmade, takes more than 12 hours to make one, a piece of artwork
  • Fine and rigorous workmanship: slender bamboo weaving close, pale color, the surface has a bright texture, good gloss, durable
  • Firmly raised beam: simple beam design, the beam will be fixed at the edge of the bamboo basket, not only beautiful and durable and effectively reduce the shaking
  • Exquisite handle: carefully selected smooth bamboo as a handle, the edge of the use of rattan reinforcement
  • Bottom design: hard bamboo production of bamboo bottom, durable structure 
  • Cotton and linen bag: built-in Tibetan cotton linen bag decorated with bags
      Bamboo is a green material and environmentally friendly. It helps saving trees and protecting environment
  • Bamboo is good for health, cool in summer, warm in winter. It absorbs carbon dioxide, make air clean 
  • Product is strong, life can last more than 15 years
  • Easy to carry, fold and store. Good gift to your friends!
  • Product is brand new, wipe clean with a wet cloth before first use for a better user experience.
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