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Natural bamboo root coaster carving crafts tea tray coffee tray placemat天然竹制根雕工艺

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Name: Natural Bamboo small tea tray or coffee tray can also be used as a coaster
As a natural product, each one is different in shapes and sizes, product will be sent out randomly
Material: bamboo root
Bamboo has natural anti-bacterial properties that make these utensils more hygenic than normal  wood
    Product features: handicrafts, with the use of value and classical art style
    This is a piece of creative design and an art work!!! imaging when bring it to your home, everybody will ask where you got it? ^_^
    If you like gongfu tea or just enjoy a cup of coffee, it is very practical and useful, it is not only an art work.  
    Also a perfect decoration and useful trays for restaurants and cafes to help attract customers.

    Characteristics of bamboo
    Tough: bamboo is harder than wood, bending compressive strength is high
    Beautiful: bamboo has texture fresh, beautiful layout, natural color.The bamboo incense make you pleasant
    Durable: bamboo with no dust, easy to clean and avoid  bacterial breeding and insects
    Comfortable: bamboo moisture with low thermal conductivity
    Healthy: bamboo can can absorb ultraviolet light。 Bamboo also has anti-bacterial properties making these products more hygienic than wooden equivalents 
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