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Real Lucky Bamboo beautiful pots decorative different sizes available 幸运竹 富贵竹

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Dracaena family, Lucky Bamboo 幸运竹 decorative stems different sizes available

Dear valued customers:  Please be advised we now only offer local pickups due to the fragility of this item, please choose local pickups during check out if you are willing to pick up from our warehouse in Coopers Plains, Brisbane. 

Aracaena Sanderiana plastic: stem and leaves 20-30cm pot:11*11*11cm (approximately, sizes vary each one)
Lucky Bamboo C Size: stem and leaves 20-30cm pot: 8*8*7.5cm
(approximately, sizes vary each one)
Lucky Bamboo D Size
: stem and leaves 20-30cm pot: 8*8*9cm (approximately, sizes vary each one)
Lucky Bamboo E Size
: stem and leaves 25-35cm pot: 9.5*9.5*10cm (approximately, sizes vary each one)
Lucky Bamboo F Size
: stem and leaves 25-35cm pot: 12*12*7cm (approximately, sizes vary each one)
Lucky Bamboo G Size
: stem and leaves 30-40cm pot: 16*9*12cm (approximately, sizes vary each one)

Please choose the size you want from ABOVE
PS. The pictures shown are just for informational purpose only, the pattern of the pot and plant may be different from the pictures, we will randomly pick one from the size you chose.
If you do have a preference of the style of the pot or if you see anything you specifically want from the pictures, send us a message and we might be able to help you the specific one if we have one in stock

  • Bamboo is a green material and environmental friendly. It help saving trees and protecting environment
  • Bamboo is good for health. Having one in your study or bedroom helps to absorb the carbon dioxide, make air clean.
  • Lucky bamboo represents luck in eastern cultures, it will brings you luck and fortune. The whirly stems stand for the bad luck will go away and good luck will come around.
  • Good gift to your family and friends!
  • Product is brand new
  • Water it once a week (does not need too much water)

  Spend $1 on our bamboo products, you may save a tree!!!

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